Exposing the ture ugly face of the Syrian rebellion

Enemies of "Free Speech" on Twitter (The Terrorists of Twitter)

الوجه الحقيقيّ البَشِع للعصيان السوريّ

By Omar George Ali


Take Action


To help prevent twitter-terrorists from taking over and stop them abusing other users, please follow this link and fill in the appropriate information. Below is a sample/template which you can use.

  Dear twitter,

There is a network of abusive twitter users whose sole purpose is to target other users who they disagree with with mass "Report as spam" abuse. There are already many victims complaining but twitter has failed to restore their accounts. The abusive network hubs are the following user accounts:

@syspring ... etc

There are many more but these are the worst offenders and if an example can be made of them, the abuse of twitter's service may halt.

Please consider expediting this issue as it is impeding on free speech on many important international topics.


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