Exposing the ture ugly face of the Syrian rebellion

Enemies of "Free Speech" on Twitter (The Terrorists of Twitter)

الوجه الحقيقيّ البَشِع للعصيان السوريّ

By Omar George Ali




The Syrian opposition members abroad claim to be supporting democracy. Perhaps one needs to remind them that “Freedom of Speech” should be encapsulated in any democracy concept.

I have been using twitter for the last 40 days, and I only started using it to see what is happening in Syria and communicate with my friends and colleagues. To my surprise, however, the #Syria (twitter) seems to be hijacked by a group of terrorists. They tend to report any person who opposes their ideology as “spam”. This is explained below.


The Organisation of the terrorists


The terrorists seem to operate on three levels; on the top level resides the user: @egg_hunters. This user has as many as 630 followers. In the middle level reside intermediate hubs of users for instance @syspring. On the lower level operate other users, see Figure.

Any user who follows that hierarchy has the privilege of asking the second and third levels of users to report any twitter account for spam if they didn’t like what that person is saying.

Once the victim user has been reported, his/her account would be suspended within seconds because of the magnitude of the number of reports submitted simultaneously to Twitter Server.

I have taken snapshots of various screens illustrating the above. Please see the menu and choose the appropriate user to see their evidence.


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